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We design and manufacture efficient centrifugal Fans (Blowers) to handle corrosive and toxic gases like HCl, Cl2, NH3, H2So4, No3, HBr, Br, H2S, HF, H2S, SO2 and SO3, solvent etc.

Performance Range :
  • Volumetric flow rates upto 80,000 M^3/Hr
  • Static Pressure upto 800mmwc
  • Special designs are developed for special application and extreme operating conditions.
  • "SUSHAR" FRP Fans are performance tested as per IS 4894 and BS 848 –Part-I both.
  • Dynamic Balancing as per ISO-1940.

MOC : FRP using various grades of resin like, Isophthalic (polyester),Vinylester, Bisphenol,Superior vinyl ester (Epoxy Novalac based) OR/ Dual Laminates like MS + FRP, PP + FRP, PVC + FRP, PVDF + FRP, ECTFE + FRP, PFA + FRP etc.We also offer in Metallic (MS / CS ) and Stainless Steel.


WE offer our services for Design, Manufactures / Fabrication and Supply of Process / Reaction Vessels of different sizes and shapes as per the customer's specifications, ranging from 200 ltrs, to 1, 00,000 Itrs capacity with conical, dished or flat bottom and top.

The M. O. C depends on chemical, temperature and pressure conditions of the process requirement. We also supply these equipments with complete stirring assembly with Independent mounting structure and suitable sealing arrangements as per the customer's requirements.

Stirrers are fabricated out of MS/SS materials, lined with thermoplastic materials as per service warranted and tested with H.V.H.F spark testers for leak proof functioning. All thermoplastic liner weld joints are provided with non metallic conductive materials to facilitate spark testing. Similarly FRP lined metallic vessels are also tested with spark testing for pin hole or discontinuity of lining. These vessels are ideal replacement to the conventional MS glass - lined and Nobel metal claded vessels.

  • Vertical cylindrical with conical top and flat bottom.
  • Vertical cylindrical with dish top and flat bottom.
  • Vertical cylindrical with flat top and conical bottom.
  • Vertical cylindrical with top and bottom dish.
  • Vertical cylindrical with top dish & conical bottom.
  • Horizontal cylindrical with dish end (with or without saddle support)
  • Rectangular tank, mixer - settler with closed or open top
  • GRP Terafil Filtrate and Cartridge Filtrate Water Tank

FRP using various grades of resin like, Isophthalic (polyester),Vinylester, Bisphenol, Superior vinyl ester (Epoxy Novalac based) OR / Dual Laminates like MS + FRP, PP + FRP, PVC + FRP, PVDF + FRP, ECTFE + FRP, PFA + FRP etc. We also offer in Metallic (MS / CS ) and Stainless Steel.


We offers hand lay up & Contact Moulding pipes and fittings ranging from 15 mm NB to 1000 mm NB. These pipes are designed as per various international standards like :

  • DIN 16965 / DIN 16966
  • BS 7159-1989 / BS 6464 - 1984
  • ASTM
  • NBS Voluntary Products Standards PS 15 - 69.

These pipes being mechanically very strong and can withstand high pressure and vacuum. “SUSHAR FRP” offers, these pipes from various resins like Isophthalic, Vinylester, Bisphenol and other imported resin. These pipes can also be made of dual laminated plastics like PVC-FRP,CPVC-FRP, PVDF-FRP, PP-FRP, FEP-FRP etc.

we can supply pipe fittings like Bends, Tees, Reducers, Flanges, Stub ends etc. we also undertakes erection of pipelines on a turnkey basis from design, fabrication, erection and field joints at the site including fabrication of MS Saddle supports.

FRP Storage Tanks / GRP Storage Tanks

we made storage tanks are available in capacities ranging from 0.5 m3 to 150 m3. Generally tanks upto 100 m3 are made at our factory and beyond that are made at the customer's site. We also offer complete accessories like ladders, railing, float type level indicators etc. as per the customer's specifications and requirement.

We manufactures contact moulded/hand lay-up tanks as well as dual laminated tanks with a thermoplastic liner such as PP, PVC, CPVC, ECTFE, PVDF, FEP, TFM etc.

We has our own designing facilities for its complete range of products. We design the FRP, GRP and Thermoplastics Lined Composites process Equipment as per various international standards like:

  • BS 4994 : 1987
  • BS EN -13121:2008
  • ASME-RTP-1 : 2011 /2015
  • ASTM


We undertake design, manufacture and Erection / Installation of Scrubbing System to handle corrosive and toxic gases like HCl, Cl2, NH3, H2So4, No3, HBr, Br, H2S, HF, H2S, SO2 and SO3, Solvent etc.

Our Scrubbers help in stopping environmental contamination made by industries, while designing these systems we give utmost importance to conserving energy for the future. Designing system with lowest energy consumption is our priority. We help companies achieve the pollution control norms laid by various government agencies.

Scrubbers are available in different material of construction as per clients requirements. The MOC’s are FRP/ GRP & dual composites consisting of PP, PVC, CPVC, HDPE, PVDF, PTFE, ECTFE, FEP, PFA.

We design scrubbers with guaranteed gas concentration at the outlet, we have technical expertise to reduce the power consumption of the blowers and reduce the cost & payout period of the scrubbing system.

A scrubbing system generally consist of : 
  • crubber / Absorber / Tower
  • Recirculation Vessel / Recirculation Piping and Pump
  • Centrifugal Blower / ID Fan
  • Stack / Chimney / Ductings / Hood and Inter-Connecting Ducting
  • Ball Valve / NRV / DAMPER / BELLOW

FRP Gratings / GRP Gratings

We undertake complete designing, manufacturing / fabrication and supply of quality FRP Grating and Many more customized products as per their requirement.


  • Isophthalic resin
  • Normal Vinylester resin
  • Special Vinylester resin
  • Fire retardant resin
  • PP gratings are used as internals in scrubbers & fume exhaust systems


  • Do not corrode like metal, can be custom made for different corrosive environments
  • Good in corrosion environments
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Anti slip
  • Standard designed for 500 Kg/m2, can be designed for higher loads


  • Bridge decks, filters & steps, tank farm structures, drain covering
  • Stair treds
  • Onshore / Ofshore platform
  • Flooring in acid washing areas


We offer high performing FRP Pallets manufactured from the best quality raw materials. Our range of pallets can be customized as per the different needs of the customers.


  • Highly resistant to Chemicals.
  • Anti - Corrosive
  • Cost effective
  • High strength
  • Long service life
  • High impact strength
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance free
  • Light Weight


We are FRP Tank manufacturers and supplier of Terafil Filtrate water storage tank. All FRP tanks are Typical applications include storage of water (Portable and Non-Portable),waste water,agricultural etc.


  • Light weight - easy to install and shipment than tanks made of other MOC.
  • Corrosion-Resistant-will not corrode or breakdown like other products utilized to hold liquids. This eliminates the possibility of leakage due to internal or external rustings.
  • FRP water storage tanks provide leak-free storage for long time and hence dose not allows the water to get contaminated.
  • Trouble free performance and easy maintenance.
  • We even customize our products as per the needs of our customers.

GRP/POLYURETHANE – STAND ALONE TERAFIL WATER FILTERATION / STORAGE SYSTEM Terafil Water Filtration disc under License and Training From MINERALS AND MATERIAL TECHNOLOGY , Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Bhubaneswar.


  • To cater the needs for clean drinking water, especially when the water is rich in sediments, suspended particles, iron and micro-organisms resulting in water borne disease.
  • To promote home grown the Low cost Traditional technology for Safe Drinking Water.
  • To enable communities to improve their standard of living.
  • To ensure participation of all sections of the community & create a sense of ownership.
  • It is a mixture of Red clay, wood saw dust and sand, molded to desired shape, and sintered in furnace.
  • Sand particles form nuclei over which clay particles get embedded, leaving pores in between between due to burning burning of wood particles particles during the process of sintering

Pickling Tank

Wide in demand for the application of processing MS and stainless steel coils, this Pickling Tank is the best option for steel industry. We can also offer customized tanks for galvanizing line.

All the necessary accessories for easy installation and operation of pickling tank is provided by us including hood and fume scrubber with centrifugal exhaust fan, stack or chimney, ducting network and thermoplastic recirculation pump for scrubber with piping.

Depending on the specific application and the customer's requirements, the capacity and size of the tank is customized. There are rounded corners rather than sharp edges in the tanks, designed from the thermoplastic sheet that is easy to mold. This ensures leak proof and rigid design with enhanced mechanical strength for a long maintenance free operational performance.
We can also provide optional various accessories with this tank like ducts, stacks and hoods, depending upon the application.


  • Coil Pickling Lines
  • Surface treatment plants
  • Hot Dip Galvanized Plants
  • Stainless Steel Pickling Plant
  • Wire Pickling Plant
  • Electroplating Plants
  • Pipe Pickling Plants
  • Metal finishing Industries
  • Steel Cold Rolling Mills.

Cartridge Filter

We are the Manufacturer and Supplier of excellent range of Cartridge Filter with high quality material.

We are offering an extensive range of FRP Cartridge Filter that are easy to install and requires minimum maintenance. Our entire products range is functionally advanced in nature and is used to purify the water. They are effective in extreme corrosive conditions and are delivered with customized solutions.


  • Ideally suited for Desalination plant.
  • Cost effective substitute over duplex steel housings
  • Light in weight
  • excellent resistance to highly saline water and corrosive conditions
  • can be custom made for any given flow rates & no of cartridges
  • Parker make cartridges
  • Compatibility with all standard types of cartridges (double open end, single open end, flat top, arrow head)
  • Can be offered as duplex skid mounted unit for continuous operation
  • Davit arm for easy access and handling
  • Basket strainers Can be offered in Manual or auto backwash mode
  • Resistant to most acids and alkalis
  • End connections with standard flanges
  • Davit arm and wheel are epoxy powder coated or hot dip galvanized for corrosion resistance.
  • All equipments are Design and Manufactured in compliance with international standards such as BS4994, ASTM4097D, EN13121 etc.


  • Material of construction: Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) or GRP, PP-FRP, PVC-FRP
  • Capacity: Up to 1000 m3 / hr & more


  • Desalination
  • Pre RO application
  • Oil well Injection
  • Produced water filtration
  • Acids
  • Alkalies & Brines

Industrial Strainer

Keeping in mind the diverse requirements of the clients, we offer functionally advanced range of FRP Strainer that are acclaimed among the clients for smooth surface finishing and easy installation.

Our entire product range is functionally advanced in nature and requires minimum maintenance. We offer them in varied grades and ensure smooth operations. They are used in petrochemical, oil refineries, and different allied industries.

Contaminated fluid enters the housing and is distributed evenly around the filter cartridges/Filter Bags. Filtration takes place from outside to inside or Inside to outside depending upon flow patterns. Solids are collected on the outside of filter cartridges or Inside of the Filter Bags & clear filtrate is collected at outlet.


We undertake complete designing, manufacturing / fabrication and supply of quality Ejector System and Many more customized products as per their requirement

we manufactures contact moulded/hand lay-up as well as dual laminated EJECTOR with a thermoplastic liner such as PP, PVC, CPVC, ECTFE, PVDF, FEP, TFM etc.

we have our own designing facilities for its complete range of products. We design the FRP,GRP and Thermoplastics Lined Composites EJECTOR SYSTEM


We undertakes FRP anti-corrosive lining by using quality thermoset and thermoplastics lined .These linings can be of various plastics like FRP, GRP,PP,PVDF,PVC,PTFE etc to suit the service condition. We carry out these lining on M.S. , RCC and Wooden Surfaces as well as Tanks, Silos, Petroleum Tanks, Molasses Alcohol Storage Tanks and Pressure Vessels using different resin system such as Isopthalic, Bisphenol, Vinyl Ester and other imported resins.

We also line CS/MS Reaction Vessels, Process Vessels, Stirrers with conventional Plastic such as PVC, PP, CPVC, FRP etc. Our specialization and expertise is in lining vessels with Fluoro-Polymers such as PVDF , ECTFE, FEP, PTFE, and TFM (Modified PTFE.

We also manufacture and supply dual laminated Fluoro-Polymers / FRP equipments which are economical in price, light in weight easy to handle and install and is also possible to repair in-situ.