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FRP Centrifugal Blower and ID Fan


We design and manufacture efficient centrifugal Fans (Blowers) to handle corrosive and toxic gases like HCl, Cl2, NH3, H2So4, No3, HBr, Br, H2S, HF, H2S, SO2 and SO3, solvent etc.

Performance Range :
  • Volumetric flow rates upto 80,000 M^3/Hr
  • Static Pressure upto 800mmwc
  • Special designs are developed for special application and extreme operating conditions.
  • "SUSHAR" FRP Fans are performance tested as per IS 4894 and BS 848 –Part-I both.
  • Dynamic Balancing as per ISO-1940.

MOC : FRP using various grades of resin like, Isophthalic (polyester),Vinylester, Bisphenol,Superior vinyl ester (Epoxy Novalac based) OR/ Dual Laminates like MS + FRP, PP + FRP, PVC + FRP, PVDF + FRP, ECTFE + FRP, PFA + FRP etc.We also offer in Metallic (MS / CS ) and Stainless Steel.